Hey guys! I’m finally sharing one of my most requested posts! I’m breaking down all of my favorite self tanning products and sharing a new self tanner I recently tried. If you’re like me, I feel way better with a little color! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite products that I’ve used over the last year and sharing when/how I use them throughout the year.


You’ve heard me talk about Tanceuticals the past 2 weeks! This is a new self tanner I recently added to my collection and LOVE! I’m also wearing in these photos. Similar to other self tanners, I exfoliate and shave the day before applying. I linked my favorite Himalayan Scrub from Amazon that I’ve been using for years! I will apply before I go to bed with a tanning mit and wake up with a natural looking tan! I love that this tanning lotion doesn’t leave streaks, has antiaging ingredients, and helps to firm, tone, and tighten skin! (I’ll take all the benefits I can get!) I went with the Dark shade for more everyday, but if I was going on vacation I would use the Ultra Dark shade. 


This is my OG self tanner! I’ve been raving about these Isle of Paradise drops for months! These drops make self tanning a breeze. You simply just add to your daily body lotion and apply to your skin. These drops are perfect if you’re wanting a natural looking glow (I use the Dark shade) These drops come in handy through the fall/winter motnhs. I mainly use the tanning drops for my face. I add to my daily moisturizer and will use the tanning water for my body. I usually apply once a week or if I have a photoshoot or event I will apply as needed! 


Here’s what my typical self tanning routine looks like:
  • I exfoliate and shave the day before applying. Exfoliating helps to get rid of dead skin and old self tanner you have left from before. I’ve been using this Himalayan Scrub for years and love.
  • After exfoliating I apply my daily body lotion. Hydrated skin helps to hold on a tan longer than dry skin. 
  • The next day, I will apply my self tanner (Currently using Tanceuticals) Don’t apply lotion the day you are using your self tanner. 
  • Let it sit for a few minutes before getting dressed! 
  • Wait 6-8 hours before rinsing off. It’s best to apply before bed.