Being as blonde as I am, my eyebrows were non-existent! It was quite the struggle especially in pictures to make it look like I had some sort of brow. Don’t get me wrong I think brow pencils (Chanel, STYLO SOURCILS WATERPROOF PENCIL, highly recommend!!) And gels worked great to make my brows POP, but it was a lot of extra steps in my daily makeup routine that I got tired of doing. I’ve never heard of microblading before until my BFF Erica told me about how she had it done and how amazing the results were. So I knew I had to try something different to achieve my dream brows and ditch the pencils!

My first question just like everyone else was, what the hell is microblading? In a short snippet: microblading is a semi-permanent alternative to create filled-in perfectly shaped brows. I’ve always been too scared to have anything done to my face, but seeing Erica’s results and how her daily makeup routine became a lot easier I was SOLD! I wasn’t familiar with any med spas in Omaha that did microblading and I knew this was a huge deal. I was relieved to hear that Erica’s sister Sarah owned a beauty Med Spa in Missouri

The Brow Babe & Co.

They offer lash extensions, microblading, hydra-facials, and so much more!

At that point I didn’t care about making the 4 hour drive:
(1) It gave me a reason to see my BFF
(2) I needed to step up my brow game big time!

The Process:

I was freaking out the day of! I didn’t know what to expect. I have tattoos, so I’m used to a little pain, but your brows (that’s like straight bone!!) The whole process took a little over an hour and a half.
Sarah numbed my brows with lidocaine for 30 minutes. That eased my nerves a bit. After the 30 minutes, it was go time. Sarah first measured my brows and drew the shape we both thought would look good.
She explained that she would be using a tiny scalpel with multiple blades that are dipped into pigment and then would be making tiny individual cuts into the eyebrows. You should know that the pigment itself isn’t applied as deep into the skin like a normal tattoo, so that is where semi-permanent comes into play. I was told it would last up to 2 years depending on your skin type.
The microblading itself took almost an hour. It wasn’t bad at first, but I’m not gonna lie it started to hurt towards the end almost like a little burning sensation! They did look red after but was told that’s normal with the pigment settling into the skin.
For the next couple of days my brows had an intense color to them, but again knew it was normal! The color slightly faded after a week to a more normal shade, and I was lucky my brows did not scab! Sarah gave me a tattoo balm to apply daily to keep them from scabbing and help with the healing process.
You do have to go back after 4 weeks for a touch-up session. The touch-up session ties the whole look together. Sometimes your brows don’t take to the pigment, so another session helps to bring them out.

Overall I could not be happier with the experience and how my brows look! I feel more confident knowing my brows exist without having to over line them with pencils! I don’t have to do anything to them and feel a lot better when I’m not wearing makeup in public! Sarah is amazing, and I would highly recommend her!

Even though she is located in Missouri, if anyone, especially in the Omaha area, is interested

 she does travel!!

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  1. Hahaha! I love the article so relatable! I would love to microblade my brows, but I don’t have annnnny tattoos. Do you think we have different pain tolerances, because I can’t even stand a needle at the doctor!