Let’s Be Real

If you’re anything like me, then you know the thought of cooking stresses me out! I am such a foodie, but taking the time to prepare it all just isn’t my thing! I like to think that all changed since I got married (Joel still doesn’t believe it! ha) I tried to surprise Joel one day by making scotcheroos and let me just say it was a disaster from the beginning, I forgot to spray the pan with PAM and burnt the chocolate bark and I’ve burnt too many microwave popcorn bags to even count anymore! So I haven’t tried to redeem myself since then.

But being a wife, the number one thing I wanted to do for Joel was learn how to cook so I can surprise him with dinners and yummy desserts. At my bridal shower I had everyone bring a favorite recipe of theirs to add to my recipe box that my cousin had made from Etsy (definitely a great gift idea!) so I had a variety of things to cook for Joel and I. For any bride-to-be this is a great idea for bridal showers and brunches, because you can share in the fun of what everyone’s favorite recipes are and especially those from family members that are passed down to you.



Newlywed Life

We’ve been married almost 9 months and find ourselves staying in a lot more on weekends, so cooking together has turned into fun date nights. I love trying new recipes, adding our own touch to them, and being able to spend time together and make memories! Joel is actually a really good cook, so he handles majority of things, but I am great at cracking eggs and slicing veggies! I’m slowly but surely learning the ropes on this whole cooking thing and creating my own recipes. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to surprise Joel with a whole cooked meal! (But still have takeout on speed dial! haha)

Let me know your favorite easy recipes to try!