January 24th, 2018 was the first day of the most rewarding yet hardest adventure I have ever been on! The Velvet Blonde went live 7 months ago! I have always enjoyed blogging, but never believed in myself enough to take the jump and put everything I had into it. Until a random night I was more determined than ever to make my dreams a reality, no matter what anyone said! Starting out I was clueless and I’m still clueless, finding out what works best and ways to grow, but I wanted to share a chapter of my story! Here’s five things I’ve learned so far.


1 / Be Your Authentic Self

My friend sent me a quote the other day that has really stuck with me.

“You don’t have to pretend or prove that you have it all together, rather just share what you have figured out so far.” – Light is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell.

Being your authentic self is a must. You create your journey on what inspires you, whether that’s talking about the latest fashion trends, product reviews, or your recent travels. Don’t try to copy someone else’s success. People follow you because they like what you have to share with the world, not because you’re trying to be someone you’re not. People will pick up on that very quickly. This also goes for working with brands. I personally wouldn’t work with a brand if it didn’t represent myself and my brand.. I want to share with my readers products that I use regularly and believe in 100%.

(credit to the cutest spot in Omaha, The Grove Juicery & Wellness Cafe)


2 / Quality Over Quantity  

This is a personal struggle for me. Starting out you want to get as much content out as possible and that isn’t always the best option. When you think about it, no one is going to be interested if you are posting three times a day, when the quality of the photo is very poor. You want well thought out content to share! It’s helped me to plan out my content in advance using a big desk calendar to have some options and that way I’m not in a scramble to piece together ideas in a day or two.

3 / Balance Your Time

Joel can definitely speak to this one! I am constantly trying to find the balance of working and when to shut it off. My mind is always going, thinking of the next outfit idea, next blog post, next brands to pitch. But for your own sanity you need to know when to shut it off and take in all the moments with your friends and family! Everyone needs a break to recharge from the social media world. Planning out work hours or “batching my time” is something I’ve been adding into my schedule. I have set aside certain times to work on my blog, check instagram, respond to emails. That way when Joel is home from teaching and practice we can make dinner and spend time together.

(credit, The Grove Juicery & Wellness Cafe)


4 / Don’t Compare.. As Hard As It Is

As the saying goes.. comparison is the thief of joy” and this couldn’t be more true. Time and time again I catch myself comparing to other bloggers and not believing my worth in this industry. It can be very unhealthy and eat at you everyday, but I started this journey for a reason, because I believe in myself and am passionate about sharing fashion and beauty advice with my readers! I just have to remind myself everyday that no one is me and that is my power.

5 / Be Proactive

You have to put in the work to get results and that goes with anything in life, but especially with blogging. A lot of it is promoting yourself over all social media channels. Asking friends and family to help share your blog posts, and engaging with other people accounts. I’ve learned that Pinterest is a great platform for bloggers to cross promote their latest posts and gain a bigger reach of potential readers. It really is a second job blogging, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I put 110% into my blog, because this is what I am passionate about!


If you’re thinking of starting a blog or have any questions, leave them in the comments below!